Body, Mind, Spirit Wholistic Healing

The foregone analytical forensic study outlines the psychopathic process that creates the sociopathic process. It is a widespread malaise of defensive denial mechanisms (reactive guilt), which perpetuates quagmires that in turn reinforces socio-economic, ecological, and economic disharmony and suffering. This forensic study may appear “heavy” to the young and innocent; but it provides a necessary window to mental dis-ease and suffering, while outlining the resolution of artful deceit mechanisms pertaining to the egoic pain-body, while pointing the way to the pain-free body, through open acknowledgement/recognition – a guile free naked lifestyle; which is rarely propitiated in the modern day West.

A broad outline of psychic and spiritual healing thus follows. Essentially it is samyama (Skt.). Egoic defense mechanisms of the pain/karmic body tend to stress our energetic system as well as neurophysiology; or else it desensitizes and estranges us from that vital living primordial connection. Dissolving that barrier, conflict, strain, and disharmony is one step toward overall health. The aim here is to first purify, harmonize, and reactivate the body/mind/spirit connection; and then integrate with the innate potential through the energy body – the pain free body (sambhogakaya); which acts as the non-dual balancer and mediator. Otherwise healing remains incomplete and regression occurs. The process is integration and activation, fragmentation/corruption, reintegration and reactivation, fragmentation/corruption, until the pathways remain open.ended.

Simply speaking (the key here is to make everything as simple as possible without losing subtle intricacies), the sambhogakaya can be considered the Light Body – the vehicle that reflects limitless light and compassion. Abiding there through experiential processes of integration (yoga) without disruption/corruption is all that is necessary. In general, the practice is to bathe in that timeless Light and Love – realizing our shared sublime potential while emanating that non-dually (neither exclusively inwards nor outwards); but as a holographic multiversal mandala. Can you approach all situations continually from that continuous integral all-compassionate space? Can you abide in that transconceptual and natural space and then map your energetic channels (nadis) and allow light-energy to harmonize and energize your body/mind healing wherein the glands, organs, and bindu are not experienced as separate from the whole – where the source of light, sounds, and rays are present?

Abandoning that space, one’s healing becomes corrupted. Being in that space, our co-evolutionary creative potential is given space and spontaneously arises. Space and form – can you have one without the other?

Empty open. Supreme simplicity!

May all beings celebrate the dawn of wakefulness together!       .


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Simple non-reactive Healthy Guilt

Having defined reactive complex guilt mechanisms and their destructive consequences, the following will compare that with healthy guilt, or taking responsibility for our actions. Where complex defensive reactionary guilt mechanisms deny responsibility, healthy guilt simply acknowledges activities as they are, while freeing the organism from the quagmire of time/energy sucky defensive guile and artifice.

For example:

“Yes, officer, I went through that red light. I am sorry if I inconvenienced anyone.

Yes, mother, I stole two cookies from the cookie jar without asking. It won’t happen again.

Yes, I used to go out with the boys and beat up immigrants for fun, because it allowed us to feel superior; but I was young and stupid then, and so forth.”.

There are two phases of taking responsibility for our actions, but they both depend on mindfulness (conscious awareness or its lack).

The first step is acknowledging the truth as it happened to oneself. “Yes, I did that”. Rather than to deny to oneself that such an incident ever occurred. This is the territory where delusion, schizoid behavior, and psychotic breaks are obviated such as in complex defensive guilt. Lying to oneself is delusion, and is pathological.

The second phase is completed by openly  acknowledging the truth to others free from guile, trickery, deception, or egoic masks. If unable, at least in this form of defensive guilt, one is not deluded; but simply wishes to create an illusion in the minds of others by wearing a mask. When the ego drops these outer defensive/denial mechanisms, then simple guilt and healing can follow.

The healthy/healing stage of healthy guilt is accomplished by freeing oneself completely from guile — by   renunciations of old bad habits, making aspirations, New Year’s resolutions, or simple regret and taking responsibility for one’s actions. It is what we would expect of mature adults.

Having experienced regret and the determination not to repeat regrettable activity, along with positive aspirations, the period of remorse quickly passes. In short, acknowledging past mistakes allows us to learn from them, and not repeat them. Healthy guilt leads to a happy and guilt-free life. Although past actions (karma) are not erasable, their long term consequences are malleable. There is no past action that has an inherent absolute consequence, while wise and compassionate activity here and now (good karma) will create positive outcomes.

A pain-free body is one that is not driven by karma. Rather it is driven by wisdom and compassion; or put another way the Sambhogakaya Skt. (pain-free body). It is the intermediary manifestation of emptiness and bliss, and acts as the vehicle and mediator of universal timeless light and love embodied on the planet free from suffering and limitation.  Start now.

Read the treatise on Complex Defensive Guilt below

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Pain body as the Ego and Chronic Hiding of Complex Reactive Defensive Guilt Mechanisms

Pain and No Pain

Professor Arne Naess, the founder of Deep Ecology, once wrote a treatise entitled, “Is it Painful to Think?” That helped make me think.

Physical Pain and Instinct

Just as severe physical wound prompts the body to numb out the pain or an injury conditions us to avoid being reinjured, human beings learn to avoid physical pain, as pain is an indication of harm or threat of injury. Here the body recognizes the potential of harm and instinctively learns how to protect itself through coping mechanisms of which avoidance is dominant. If avoidance is not successful then numbing or objectifying the pain by ignoring it mechanisms may be employed like anesthetics, dissociation, or indifference. This survival instinct is hardwired and innate.

It may be cogent not to conflate the pain with the injury. The pain is a signal – a messenger, of injury. Pay attention to the pain, trace it, and relieve the injurious situation. Another way of phrasing this is, that the injury is a disruption of a condition of free flowing harmonious activation – full or hyper functioning. Follow your bliss; but not as an end in itself. Be in harmony of body, breath, and spirit – our collective father/mother and Commonweal.

Mental Pain: The Pain or Karmic Body

Problems arise, however, when the ego (the fortress of ignorance) employs dissociation mechanisms to unpleasant events, displeasing data, painful memories, and/or data that may insult the ego’s sense of self-worth or appear threatening to his sense-of self and world. This is mental pain, a perceived attack on one’s sense of self, which is all in one’s mind. This egoic defense mechanism is the cause of ignorance – ignoring reality because of egoic pain – an imagined sense of injury where the ego pushes back the painful perceived injury. This perceived psychic injury, in Sanskrit, is called kleshic  (afflictive), and it triggers a reaction generating even more negative defense mechanisms wherein the egoic body or pain body attempts to survive as  distinct from being reborn.

The afflictive mindset learns to walk a narrow line avoiding pain by filtering out new information that contradicts one’s present egoic world view and identity inside that view. This is where fear, rigid ideologies, dogmatism, and religion most often hang out. This occupies the fear ridden mind of conservatives and chauvinists… those who are afraid of change. One clings onto the old existing order and tries to reinforce it.

This phenomena can also be identified as a learning disability, where anything outside of one’s narrow programmed bandwidth is negated, ignored, or remains an unbelievable challenge. Here again, the pain is a signal. Recognizing the pain and tracing it to its source, will disclose the ego’s false assumption, thus allowing the organism to release the injury (Skt: duhkha).

Socio-Political Consequences

The reactive mind, tragically makes their own situation even worse by attacking the new data rather than analyzing it having considered it a threat, and shooting the messenger long with it, because it makes the ego uncomfortable, wrong, or discloses its ignorance. Refusing to see (willful ignorance). Similarly, there becomes a refusal to entertain new data or ideas entirely, thus insulation, isolation, and indifference becomes an additional chronic defense mechanism. The egoic mechanism continues to replicate and reinforce its own self-image, power, authority, control, status, and sense of self-importance directly proportional to its self-alienation from one’s primal identity.

While accelerating the ego’s attack on the messenger who appears to add insult to injury is a major affliction – psychological denial. It is particularly poisonous when it it affects a group, especially a majority of people, as a mass illusory defensive mechanism, creating a mask of mass false pride. In a sense the illusion is a cover-up story. In yogic psychological terms It is nothing short of complex reactive guilt which is one refuses to acknowledge. This is the main psychological complex that afflicted Nazi Germany and which today is prevalent in American socio-political dynamics. For sociopathy to occur in a massive way, it is always preceded by psychopathy, often replete with classical paranoid delusions of grandeur. Here the pain body seeks relief and satiation in all the wrong places because the egoic mindset has become chronically addicted to dismissing one’s own true nature and sense of primary purpose and identity.

In short, institutions based on ignorance are created to bolster and defend the illusion, while blaming the truth tellers in dysfunctional societies that are highly invested in the lie. There truth is demonized. Reality becomes an evil plot or conspiracy bent on annihilation, while those who innocently believe differently become viewed as enemies.  That fortress becomes a self-created prison – safe for the delusion of ego. The end result is a sociopathic society – one that destroys itself and other.

Mental/Spiritual Healing

The good news is that the mental-injury mechanism of the pain body is programmed, not hardwired. The program can be erased and dharma can be downloaded into our firmware at instantaneous speeds when the nadis (channels) open. Such a mental healing process begins with introspection by noticing what is on one’s mind and releasing the afflictions as they arise.. Eventually, as the slate becomes empty the yogi arrives at the original unconditioned mind, which is the source of cognition and a-cognition… awareness and its lack – clear light and its dimming – clarity and shadow — the light that illuminates itself in all that is experienced.

When human beings are healthfully connected and in touch with their own true nature and the true nature of phenomena as an integrated whole, then their actions will be responsive to the needs of all beings. As inner harmony prevails, so too will outer harmony reflect that.

This short treatise has not attempted to address the subject of how the mind can heal the body, and/or how changes in the body’s neuro-physiology can heal the mind. We will leave that for a future in-depth study of body, mind, and spirit wholistic self-healing.

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The Great Perfection and the Chinese Monk: Nyingmapa Defenses of Hashang Mahāyāna

Source: The Great Perfection and the Chinese Monk: Nyingmapa Defenses of Hashang Mahāyāna

February 19, 2016 at 10:49 pm

Mahamudra Upadesa

In the last line, Karmapa prays that unbearable compassion may be born within us. Now, it sounds as though unbearable here means that you’re so compassionate that you can’t stand it, and you scream and yell and jump up and down, something like that. But it doesn’t mean that. Zömay means that we are unable to ignore the suffering. We will not just go about our own business. Because of knowing what the potential of all sentient beings is, because of knowing that every sentient being is, in essence, a buddha, then we put our own effort into realizing Buddhahood in order to benefit all sentient beings. That is the idea of unbearable here. We can’t afford to be lethargic. Compassion is so strong that it will not allow us to be lethargic. It will not allow us to be selfish. That is what unbearable compassion is.

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The Union of Consciousness and Social Activism

No matter how good a basic academic and even multicultural education we give our children, it will come to naught, if they do not understand their intimate co-creative place in relationship to the trees, forests, oceans, whales, stars, and timeless beginningless source. Rather, in a fragmented world/paradigm such an education becomes reduced to gaining comparative comfort and material wealth/wellbeing in a competitive and corrupt world system/paradigm, where folk seek an ersatz happy truce, but never will they find true happiness in that way, guaranteed.

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Nuclear Mess from Nuclear Power Plants to Nuclear Weapons Disposal

Nuclear waste from weapons production is much more difficult to store, transport, and handle because it is viscous/liquid. The plan was to store these in metal containers 2000 feet deep in the ground near their massive nuclear facility in Hanford, Washington above the Columbia River gorge. Predictably, these steel containers began leaking, while stopping these leaks is a major concern today. Please click on title for the complete report.

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