The Curious Case oF Van Jones: Expressing Your Love:

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The Curious Case of Van Jones, Expressing His Love

A distinction between “them and us” versus “them versus us

There is a vast diversity of people, flora, fauna, geography, ecosystems, micro-climates, climate zones, cosmic winds, and solar flares. That condition is constantly changing and determines the richness of life. Some people are aware of these causal factors and the causal factors behind these causal factors all the way back to acknowledging the evolutionary/creative  life force itself, as a continuous living process in context of a living history. Waking up to this, is the big Aha! It is a large event, where the third eye opens so that one sees the great harmony underlying all of life and evolution presently– as presence.

The common human being may be mostly asleep or unconscious, as to the nature of these evolutionary life forces, only recognizing an artificially frozen existential present as a dead history as presented to them in books or by historian priests (often purposely so). I am suggesting that it may be helpful to discern between these two categories of human beings (the asleep and the awakening) in order to differentiate the causative forces behind their behavior without demeaning or fixating their potential into rigid stereotypes, rather the opposite. Indeed there exist many degrees in regard to unawareness and dullness, a major unawareness is not even recognizing that one has become distracted, lied to, cheated, or deceived (non-recognition of non-recognition).

The sleepy group of human beings is dreaming a dream based on ideas put into their heads by other people (or rather by not undertaking their own thinking process to its completion). They have become victims of negative programming. The most powerful negative programming tools that human beings have developed are fear, pain, torture, punishment, the infliction of pain (physical or mental), intimidation, and insidious mind control strategies such as found in the media (especially TV) where the victim is unaware that any programming is occurring.

Today, more so than ever in history, the corporate owned media is talking themselves up by characterizing themselves.  The media denies that they are in denial, which is nothing other than more lies based on sophisticated defensive aggressive self-justification. Motivational engineers, marketing experts, and public relations mavens have for years known that TV is an effective tool to manipulate the minds of the confused and emotionally disturbed. Such mind control is not used simply to sell used cars, more TVs, or diamonds, because that is not where the big dollars are anymore. It is used to sell world domination, not only of  colonialism of governments and their resources, but the colonization of the mind, which makes further colonization possible. Control the minds of the slaves and you have power. Conversely, when people are empowered and able to discern, then puppetmasters are threatened.

Jerry Mander wrote a book over twenty years ago, “Four Arguments for the Elimination of Television”. He recognized the power of mass persuasion by the corporate media then. Although, in general, people say that they do not want to be lied to, confused, fear filled, powerless, and angry, they often  love it, as long as the lie (as deception/self deception) is more palatable and less painful feeding  their need for self worth, arrogance, and conceit,  than reality (the truth). That’s the delusional lure of  TV and the corporate media “show” that is fed to the majority of Americans daily.

So the first edict of the corporate controlled media is denial that they are deceiving Americans. They must pretend that they are informing the audience and are working for them maintaining a modicum of professionalism and humanism. That’s a very huge leap of faith to take, but polls show that most Americans have fallen for that one, therein lies a rather large problem. Since the corporate media is the first and most popular choice for news by the American people, it is no longer shocking, incredible, or unbelievable why human rights, social justice issues, environmental justice, and sustainability have become so rapidly eroded in America.

Them versus us

There is something very positive about being able to know who you are while also knowing others. This is not a matter of comparative self worth (knowing self as defined by others) but the opposite, knowing the nature of one’s own mind. When that instrument of knowing is “adjusted” universally, then unbiased knowing (gnosis) provides vivacity in life.

In short, understanding the socio-political dynamics of relationships is crucial to a healthy life affirming polity. This is the positive knowing of “them and us” as long as we do not take an adversarial approach to “them”. In one sense we are all on the planet together and have common needs, loves, and desires. No, that doesn’t mean that we have to compete for these, but we can work together to help ourselves achieve it.

That is the first “them” and “us” difference; i.e., those who believe that we must fight, compete, or even kill others for control over dwindling or scarce resources (human labor included), and those who recognize the inherent dysfunction of that belief. It is cogent for those who desire a spiritually fulfilling, sustainable environmental, and social justice future to distinguish between a “them versus us” adversarial stance on one hand, and the reality that there are those people who have awakened and are working to bring in an evolutionary vision by changing the dysfunctionality of the old dream, while many other groups of human beings have not yet awakened that human beings are an intimate part of a much greater evolutionary process. If the majority of human beings remain in denial of that fact, then we ignore our own true condition, tie our own hands self limiting the possibilities, and take the risk of stepping out of the evolutionary process itself via widespread self destruction of our own habitat; e.g., ecocide.

In fact many education, healing, environmental, social justice, sustainable economic, and spiritual fellowships and associations have come together to identify what are the causal differences in human behavior. Every human should study this as they study the true nature of their own mind.

For example, we can easily identify where we are at as a symptom of an inefficient kind of thinking (our behavior and actions follow our mindset or lack thereof).  We have the ability to trace our situation back to the causal factors which got us here in the first place. All we need for that investigation is already present, and no, it is not in a sacred book elsewhere.

Then after critical analysis, we can entertain what the possibilities for doing it better. Being able to look forward by creating a better world for ourselves, family, community, nation, and larger international family in concert with the great symphony of the stars in community is the definition of freedom. Feeling hopeless, helpless, resigned to destruction, inhibited, fearful, intimidated, bound, frustrated, or full of shame, blame, hatred, envy, or anger are results of the blockage of that natural loving expression. The latter places human beings, one’s family, and community in a very vulnerable situation capable of emotional manipulation and scapegoating. It is destructive to both the human being and his habitat.

Best Government: A Living Community

In the larger sense, we are united not only for selfish reasons of common interests, but by universal compassion, altruism, social and community responsibility, love, and mutual respect for life, which are the backbones of holding a nation together. If a nation is held together through laws, fear of punishment, penal systems, threat, and surveillance, then we are already living in a self created police state – bound in prison. This is created by ourselves, because no state can survive without the cooperation (forced or assented to) by its people. Herein lies a key lesson to be learned.

Lasting positive change is not achieved through top down totalitarian regimes which dictate policy and events to the masses, because such authoritarian state run systems will addictively view the power of the people as threat to their own positions of power which they will perceive as superior.

The opposite ideal of individual autonomy is even more dysfunctional. Even little children know that no man is an island to himself, although they will often resent being dependent upon mother and father in a society which equates human freedom with autonomy. Real freedom is not an escape from dependence, nor is it mere rebellion, but rather the freedom to create which connotes the abilities to express and exhibit one’s innate creative and evolutionary passion.

The wise know that the best form of government is self government based on community or rather inter-dependence, acknowledging the intricate and intelligent web of all life that runs through the rich dynamics of creation throughout the vastness of atemporal non-sequential time. Human systems which honor, respect, and acknowledge this evolutionary/creative  life force in human relationships and governments are based on the vast knowledge that we are all interconnected and interdependent with all other living beings and systems in terms of an experiential co-evolutionary process. Here by experiential, it is meant that this is not merely a logical conclusion (from logos) nor from belief, but rather it is an attempt to articulate a completely indigenous direct experience.

To summarize so far, governments are most efficient, least corrupt, and life empowering (serves life) when they are neither top down totalitarian mutants run by elitists, nor when they are influenced by autonomists whose minds have become so damaged that they believe that human life lies outside the web of life. If a democracy was based on such autonomous feelings based on unexamined assumptions, it would not only be violent, warlike, greedy, rapacious, competitive, punitive, and strife ridden, but would eventually destroy itself.

The best form of self government requires that human beings wake up and take responsibility for their own actions acting as catalysts for the evolutionary/creative  process. In short it would be a government dedicated toward releasing the creative/evolutionary potential which is innate within each human being in terms of education, economic, agricultural, environmental, labor, health, diplomatic policies, etc. Decisions would be based upon the common knowledge of the greater community (both within each human being, across the Universe, and throughout vast time.

Decision making power and community funds/stipends would remain within the community and communities would confederate with other communities forming nations. The headquarters of the confederated communities  would be non-local as no one community could impose their will or tax another. The nations themselves would have the option to confederate. Again the headquarters of the confederated nations would be  non-local, so that there would be no need of any central government bureaucracy or expense. The number one law would be to honor life, hence murder and war would be made illegal.

This is nothing new, but what is lacking is not the template/blueprint (which is endogenous) but rather human beings who are awake and alive – who have experienced this truth. It’s up to human beings to awake. Without it they will continue to err and create catastrophe after catastrophe.

The Blame Game: Shifting the Blame – Arrogance, Superiority and Insecurity

In the meanwhile, as we are working on waking the dreamer and changing the old dream into an evolutionary vision, we must acknowledge that many people are united in their common fear and hatred. This solidifies a mass consensus illusion which when taken as “conventional reality” becomes self perpetuating and insular. It is a difficult shell to penetrate just as much as calming people from their addiction to mechanisms of mass hysteria, blame, and denial.

As mentioned denial is a defense mechanism, where instead of admitting that something may be wrong, imperfect, or an error, instead one defends one’s past actions in an aggressive manner. Being aggressive in defense is a mental trick that not only justifies one’s actions, but makes one right and good, while the other is made wrong or bad in one fell swoop. It may appear ingenuous at first, except that once it becomes a defensive/aggressive knee jerk reaction, the one who is cheated is oneself. The cost is no longer learning, growing, or caring. In this dysfunctional but widespread mindset, the more one is insecure and in denial, the more one has a need to blame the other, win their case, and vent their hatred, anger, and disapproval of others (thus providing some sort of relief from one’s guilt). Elaborate self gratifying and self justifying lies are fabricated by professional liars (PR , marketing, and social engineering experts) in support of their position. There are numerous hired guns for sale on the market place both in New York and Washington DC.

Denial, as self justification, extends far back into the painful past, where painful “circumstances” seem too large to bear. There are personal denials, group European invasion denials, religious denials, etc.  The big lies for Americans are: “We didn’t steal and murder the Indians, rather we gave them democracy, a superior religion, and culture.”  We didn’t kidnap and enslave the Africans, but gave them democracy, a superior religion, and culture”. We didn’t invade the Dominican Republic, Korea, South Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Cuba, Iraq, or Afghanistan, but desired to give them democracy, a superior religion, and culture”. “We didn’t murder and rob the indigenous people of North America. We didn’t kidnap and enslave Africans, but rather gave them democracy and a superior religion.” There is a recurring pattern and lesson to be learned of course, but Americans so far have not learned it.

Changing the Mindset and Changing our Behavior

We can choose to not be a nation of complainers and whiners, merely sharing our hatred, anger, disgust, scorn, and blame. Instead of complaining we can offer proactive solutions not based on defensive self justification, but on behalf of a better life for our children’s children. A smart step is to refrain from shifting the blame, think forward, and connect with the evolutionary creative force. That is a powerful and accessible movement that is available now.

In short, there is a large diversity of human beings, while recognizing this diversity in the context of the vastness of the evolutionary force, is a primary step. We can celebrate our diversity while expressing our joyful mutuality which has been freed of fear and hatred. Since the corporate media is a major propaganda tool for institutionalized confusion, dumb me down jingles, anger, angst, hatred, and mind control; then instead of complaining about the mass media, we can just turn it off as Jerry Mander suggests, if we choose.

Another powerful and functional way to proceed is to extend the discussion into the realms of the thinking mind; e.g., political psychology, social-psychology, advertising, social engineering, marketing, etc. Why not? The army and political moguls have been doing this for years. This can be genuine, like natural generosity where a child shares her toy or food, or it can be contrived, fabricated, willful, logical, and logical, with strategic forethought. The latter is a behavior trait associated with left brained dominant people.

On a physiological basis these two extreme distinctions can be depicted by the old left/right brain dichotomy, e.g., the unfeeling and insensitive robotic mind which is technologically extracted (symbolized by the eagle in ancient indigenous stories), on one hand, and the right brain heartmind (condor) who is motivated by heart, altruism, community, mutual joy, peace, generosity, altruism, and love. When the condor and eagle fly together (according to the ancient prophecy) the latent power of the wisdom within the heart will be expressed and exhibited. What is empowering is to put power and knowledge in the hands of the latter in order to effect their purpose. That is the same as melding the heart and mind, compassion and wisdom, giving the technologically powerful a heart, or empowering love to do its healing work, which are just slightly different ways of saying the same thing.

Van Jones Drama

The recent resignation of Van Jones in November 2009 as President Obama’s White House Special Advisor for Green jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, is instructive. Van Jones, co-founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights and the author of  “The Green Collar Economy”  is a brilliant spokesperson and articulate visionary American black man who is dedicated to repowering America, creating productive jobs, and cutting through deception. Above all Van Jones is sincere, honest, and has integrity. When Van Jones was appointed by president Obama, “finally”, I thought, “an honest and intelligent man with heart goes to Washington to help America and the planet solve serious issues”. This was news. Now, who could be against that?  Ha, ha.

Yep, you guessed it; i.e., “them” — dishonest, corrupt, hate-filled, self interested, selfish, insincere bigots who thrive on people’s angst. How convenient. Personally I pay the reactionaries little mind, as it gives these crazies a chance to vent their anger and feel better about themselves because of their lack of self esteem. I’ve witnessed this all my life and am not surprised, shocked, or outraged. Knowing the situation intimately, I would advise not to give any credence to these illogical outbursts of derision, which are nothing more than attempts to manipulate sentiment for the benefit of their puppetmasters (knowingly or not). But at the same time, it is critical to not ignore that these people are manifesting and acknowledge the causes of their exhibition. We can strongly doubt the credence of their ideology, while at the same time understand the pain and confusion that is behind it..

So, after only 8 months of runaround, underfunding, and vicious attacks by the right wing media, Van Jones decided to leave the ivory tower of Washington, DC. Where are those Green Energy jobs anyway? The lesson? Political jobs are too often political tokens – an attempt to placate specific political self interest groups. God forbid that you take your job seriously and refuse to be sold out. Then you are going to rock the boat. Entrenched political elitists take that as a threat.

Adversarial “them” and “us” Mongering

Van Jones’ resignation has been blamed on right wing smear campaigns. Here is a sample of a Fox media hit man, Glenn Beck. “All right. You know, what we’re uncovering here on this program is complex, and it is–it takes a lot of our day just to figure out how to explain it to you,” Beck said in his July 28, 2009 broadcast. Translated into another context it means, “it is hard to make up implausible lies while masquerading nonsense, confusion, and tomfoolery as reality, without making it sound complex, so bear with me, give me latitude, and believe me that it is as simple as the evil communists who have overtaken the liberal democrats whom we must vehemently oppose and uproot.” Now that is some tangible object which I can vent my frustration and hatred upon, ha ha. Thanks Glenn… uhh.

Beck went on, in one of his attacks on Van Jones, “and it’s complex by design–you know, it’s the vast left-wing conspiracy. The Apollo Alliance combines environmental policy–the green movement–with labor and social justice.”

Beck has decided to shift the blame (blame someone else), so who else but those who realize that habit is essential for human life, that clean water, clean air, clean food, a sustainable future, clean energy, a dignified job, and the right to survive  are not essential social justice and human rights issues. That these are all tied intimately together (along with adequate health care) should form the basis of any healthy society and socio-economic polity, as Van Jones rightly understands. Of course this remains opposed (and will continue to be opposed) by people who do not understand that – those who are settling for easy answers, like blame the enemy or better the “messenger’. How awful indeed!

In fact this is illustrative. It is a very welcome reality test and object lesson should we seize upon it. Something isn’t working in the plan to bring forward spiritual sanity, peace on earth, good will, a sustainable future, environmental justice, economic health, freedom, and social justice. Beck is not opposing Jones, he is opposing clean air, energy independence, environmental health, green (non-fossil fuel) technologies, and productive green energy jobs. Who benefits?

Better stated we can learn to think deeper and do a better more intelligent job. We are learning about the “art” of “phrasing”. It can be used to spin and distort, or phrasing can be used to disclose and truly educate. That’s the problem, phrasing is being used to dumb people down, contract and inhibit their hearts and minds, and put them asleep, more successfully than to wake them up and empower them. For example, the term “left-wing” conspiracy is more than a little off of course, unless Beck is suggesting that all lefties are lovers. ha ha. The more “correct” term would be a “conspiracy of the heart” by those who are living in the heart of nature co-inspire each other to act for a better way of life. Beck might find it difficult to uncover this conspiracy, because living in the heart of nature is a foreign concept to him, and hence it is may appear very complex, and sadly, it is difficult for him to understand. More so he chooses not to understand, because he knows what side his toast is buttered on, having sold out to Fox and the corporate media, his job is to roast.

In short, the terms, left-wing, liberal, or socialist, are mere catchall generalizations or stereotypes whom frightened and confused people impute onto those who they disagree with, whom they do not understand, or worse those who appear to challenge or even threaten their sense of self and the world. They might as well use the term devil or enemy, because for them it is a simplistic “us versus them” world. Simplistic because there becomes a reified object for their frustration, hatred, fears, and anger with a clear solution. Such venting provides an emotional outlet, but it is only temporary, unfortunately. That is adversarial “them and us” mongering.

Once that type of “us versus them” identifications become rigidified, then close-mindedness, fear, hatred, and paranoia becomes reinforced and tightly structured, it becomes difficult to dislodge. Thinking differently of course can be an education. That is how healthy open minds continue to learn and grow.

Instead of being startled, shocked, or dismayed by the harsh rhetoric (another strategy used by the scornful to beat up on the sensitive), it is valuable to remind ourselves that we do not have time for such self indulgence. We have already become extremely distracted, hence we have to set the agenda proactively in new creative ways.  “Them” are resistant to change and do not understand the power and beauty of love.

Working together toward our common purpose should not be dismissed as the enemy or threatening, community is not communism. The body lives as a community. There is not one master gland that rules it all. So too does the cosmos, which the planet and human being exist in community with gravity, water, air, the sun, the soil, trees, and much more. That we can not afford to ignore or deny. Love in community as community is the teaching of all the great spiritual teachers. In the not so distant past, spiritual teachers may have assumed that human beings would eventually come to this conclusion by themselves, as human spiritual unfolding gradually awoke.

Those who awoke first, would awake those who were still sleeping, but the majority have not. The obligation is upon us to educate, but education can not be forced like forced vaccinations or mandatory health insurance. Majority rules as we all know, but in a democracy where there is much insecurity, fear, anger, violence, and confusion, the majority doesn’t rule very well. There is much evidence that this “gradual” awakening now must be catalyzed.

Referring to Mr. Beck one last time, the term, “conspiracy”, can also be challenged, since groups like the Bioneers, the Greens, the Pachamama Alliance, and many other indigenous, spiritual, and social justice organizations have been “openly” promoting such values and polity for many years. It is more of an open united front which welcomes publicity, rather than a dark secret.

A sustainable future, freedom from the addiction to foreign oil, energy conservation, pollution and poison control regulation, clean energy production policies, clean air, clean water, and clarity of mind are good for the nation and the planet. They can also provide many productive jobs for those currently unemployed while stimulating local economies instead of transnational corporations.

Van Jones has been working for many years to wake people up. He could do it very well if he was given any access to the media, but people like Beck get most of the funding and hence air time, while Van Jones gets almost none. What really appeared so dangerous to Beck and his corporate cohorts about Van Jones was that he was articulate, uncompromising, honest, and intelligent. Van Jones is dangerous even more because he represents the potential of linking disenfranchised urban blacks with the environmental movement. Linking social justice issues with the polities of labor, economics, agriculture, energy, foreign policies, water policies, air pollution, health, sustainability, and economic within an understandable and coherent spiritual vision is extremely powerful. As such it poses a threat to the dominant status quo forces. It is much akin to Martin Luther King JR’s spiritual integration of human rights as being opposed to the greedy politics of the rapacious privileged. This is a very powerful combination and is why it had to be attacked and destroyed, by rightwing hit men. Now, I do not mean that Van Jones was attacked just because he was black, nor am I saying that he is not a big hearted generous genius of a man whatever his genetic background. Van Jones stands out as a remarkable role model for all of us. But being a black American he stands out even more because in racist America he stands out as “the other” – as a hated threat… at least to many.

Lessons Learned

The love conspiracy has to wake up, knowing that Beck is not operating alone as an independent agency, but rather he is merely an attack dog acting in the self interests of the rapacious and well heeled elite who will never give up their selfishness, greed, control and power tripping.

This is a very old well funded and organized policy formed to keep the disempowered masses divided and hence exploited and conquered, while distracting them from the common dream that unites people to life and nature as a powerful vision. The widespread orchestrated attacks upon Van Jones is a testament to Van’s power. It was “Red Alert” for Beck and his handlers. Who or what is next? One thing is for certain they have an army of well paid workers, who work around the clock.

Everyday they meet in national conferencing and networks to target “the enemy” with well thought out strategies. The word, “liberal”, serves a good purpose. It means to them, “that” which we do not believe in or in most cases do not understand. So when they see facts that oppose their world view or illusion of self, they can easily label it as liberal or communist, vent their fear as scorn, and thus avoid thinking about it critically.

Cut off from the Earth: The Empowerment of Indigenous Grass Roots

Washington DC, is the most pretentious city in the United Stares, and hence the most poisonous to altruistic people without lacking a community base. Hype and poppycock rules in a land of lawyers, public relations firms, lobbyists, fake think tanks, shady foundations, marketing experts, and puppets. More money passes hands in Washington than on Wall Street. It beats Hollywood 100 fold. It is too easy to get cut off from the grass roots. In short, people take TV, the Washington Post, and the corporate owned media too seriously. These are treated as their theatrical props. Rather these are not serious news sources. They are tragic comedies which keep the deception and confusion alive in the masses.

It’s not easy to find spiritual nourishment in that hype filled place. — in that type of environment. One is cut off from the roots of sanity nestled in the heartland of nature – in the farmlands, factories, and neighborhoods where people work an honest day for their bread, wages slaves that they are. That wage slavery devoid of any common ownership except a common debt, also needs to examined. One must become the embodiment of that sanity, especially important when surrounded by people who have sold their souls. Washington will only change peacefully when and if the electorate demands, and the direction that it will change depends whether people awaken or not. Hence the work is at the grass roots/indigenous level which create effective structures for people to awaken from the dream.

Welcome Home!

Obviously status quo self interests do not desire that their slaves and puppets rebel, awake, or come into their own. Thus  divide and conquer strategies are very old, going further back than Machiavelli. Turn off the TV is always a good suggestion. Get your information from reliable sources who have no ulterior motives or agendas other than to provide information. Party together. Form community with those who are ready, sincere, dedicated, honest, and spiritually mature. Love more fully and completely. Broadcast wisdom and love as a mutuality. Teach love! Welcome home!

Van Jones is today among the best of the best. The error is to want to be liked by everyone, but we can not placate the greedy without creating “the needy”. The present administration instead of fighting the just fight, is crippled, inhibited, and counterproductive winding up representing hardly nobody but the financial  status quo and their lackeys. This type of inhibition does not fit well with honest people who say what they mean – who know how to give reign freely to love.

The war is between the Robotic mind and the sensitive/open Heart. Now it is time for the Condor and the Eagle to fly together and many have realized the power of this advent, but many have not.  Because a well funded and very organized robotic strategy constructed by the financial-military-industrial elite, supports a “business as usual” army for their servants (and they will admit it when pressed) a more successful and undefeatable strategy is necessary. The problem is not only that there are hundreds of thousands well paid liars, propagandists, puppeteers, marketing experts, actors, and clowns working hard on their assignments 24/7, but rather the problem is in the minds of the gullible multitudes who are not able to think critically for themselves at this time, and are hence capable of being deceived and manipulated in the first place. Another way of saying the same thing is that buried deep in the hearts of all is the innate potential to wake up, think freely,  and love deeply.

Waking Self: Waking Others

Education on how to think for oneself, how to form one’s own independent opinions, how to examine unexamined assumptions, implement critical thought, and creative solutions is needed, while mechanism on how to teach people these skills are needed. Independent critical thought is not in opposition with interdependent thought. In fact, one has to first cleanse their mind of beliefs and assumptions that have been put into it through past negative programming. In, short, one must first question authority, sacred cows, and unexamined assumptions. Then one learns to access the vast knowledge available in nature’s innate operating system, in the endogenous community of the DNA, and the nature of one’s own mind and Universe.

Further this is needed in regions where it is most lacking (a hint to seminar leaders and educators). However it will be most resisted in these regions, where the “old dream” is strongly entrenched. As the artifacts of the old dream crumble in front of people’s faces, it is not a time to mourn, but rather a ripe time to celebrate the new. In the regions where ideological thinking as obedience to authority is most prevalent, structures which help deprogram and detox people are lacking.

If we treat this phenomena as a condition with causes, which at its root is an addiction to a misguided dream or belief system which has externalized and projected its own nightmare, then we may well be advised to enter into a “new” strategy on how to break up such belief-system addictions to structured thought patterns, which have not yet been critically analyzed. Nothing adequately replaces intelligence, while its lack in the hands of a desensitized majority, is capable of producing great destruction and suffering.

Obviously handing down one belief system to replace another dysfunctional belief system is dysfunctional. The point is, rather how do human beings learn to awaken and connect up with their innate and shared creative and evolutionary energy and then express it in life. How do we become a meaningful agent for life and truth, rather than for war, ecological destruction, and deceit.

Here I am not referring to those who have already awakened from the dream and already passionately desire to change the dream so that a greater vista of awakening will be made possible. Also this is not in reference to attacking any one belief system or ideology, but rather how to teach those people who have become addicted to belief systems in general, how to identify propaganda, critically analyze it, and become free from it.

What we must recognize is that the deep stupor that most Americans are experiencing is not natural, rather it is artificially perpetuated. It is dangerous because a not awake, desensitized, deceived, and unfeeling electorate is capable of acting as a destructive force in a democracy. They are vulnerable to blaming others (scapegoating) while letting themselves off the hook simultaneously. It is an escape mechanism that must be identified and defeated.

Positive change will not be accomplished using traditional methods, using the corporate/military owned media or newspapers, using specialized education technology, etc. Spiritual and emotional intelligence has to be brought forward. The good news that it is inside all beings and things already.

On one hand, we know that currently the media is broadcasting mass media hysteria focusing on narrow single issues as a distraction strategy from their tactic of instilling fear, terror, and hatred toward “the enemy” where a stronger central authoritative (totalitarian) government is required.

Currently the American government has been taken over and owned by elite financial interests intent to maintain and expand their control and ownership over things, resources, and people. They believe that this is the name of the game and that they are winners, but as we all know, it is unsustainable, unjust, and ethically morally corrupt. They have been cheated by materialism and fear, and hence they perpetuate cheating others and themselves. It is ingrained in their belief structure and does not serve the best interests of the majority of people, nor the habitat.

It’s impossible, a this time, for many of these chronically fear ridden and unhappy people to imagine that there are better games and true happiness, because it is foreign to their memory (which is not intact). How do we show them?  How do we remind them? These will most likely be the last people to let go and wake up when the collapse of their belief system” occurs. Even now they are bailing out with golden parachutes, but golden parachutes are heavy and unsustainable.

Thinking with the Heart

In order to take the nation back to the living – back to the earth and the land which is America, requires taking responsibility. Taking responsibility entails knowledge – waking up to our evolutionary vision and purpose. The citizens of a democracy must be more than informed with facts, but be able to think clearly and interdependently. That is they must be able to understand the facts, not just memorize them. They must be capable to see how they got here and where they want to go (hence they have to see themselves and part of an ongoing very old, indigenous, sustainable co-creative evolutionary process, hence interdependently. Without further denying their connection as intimate parts of that evolutionary process – by not aligning with the process of evolution and identifying as being apart from it, humans will step out of the evolutionary process itself. That process has already been set in motion, but it can easily be derailed if we wake up on how to wake up others.

Once people wake up, they will no longer be vulnerable to other people’s beliefs, propaganda, marketing ploys, mind manipulation, etc. Just imagine how much cheaper consumer products would be if we no longer paid for all the marketing overhead. ha ha. but really…

Emphasizing Critical and Creative Thought Processes

Teaching people how to listen is key. Teaching people to want to listen is key. It is a natural desire, but it has been beaten out of them through unnatural conditioning.

The first step is listening openly, deeply, and fully, while not reacting – not accepting nor rejecting. Then there is the further process of asking questions (enquiry), the natural sense of curiosity and wonder about life and the vast universe has to waken. One spontaneously asks questions. Once the innate creative and visionary processes have become empowered, we naturally ask “what if” – solutions co-emerge in an ongoing process of an open and alive mutuality. Yes, it takes some focus but it is very rewarding, Does this sound like Nagarjuna’s dialectics? Ultimately it is about recognizing interdependence, realizing that we do not exist separately or in a vacuum, that the universe is a vast and wonderful home —  opening the HeartMind, exhibiting sacred technology, being sensitive, clear, vital, alive, vivacious, and spontaneously creative. It is further suggested that this occurs on more than the physical level, but especially valuable is to recognize this on the most subtle levels,  in our energetic bodymind and the total ecological matrix. It’s about living within and from that vast spacious and timeless space here and wherever we may travel –  bringing forward the wisdom of the heart. Be in your heart – all ways and always!

In Love

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  • 1. Jaqui  |  September 15, 2009 at 6:48 pm

    Very refreshing review of the situation. Thanks for sharing.

    I have a question about thinking interdependently and clearly. As you know critical and creative thought is most often characterized by independent thought, not INTER-dependent thought. You seem to be saying that we must question the learned assumptions and belief systems of others, and then we are capable of free thought? Can you please elaborate?


    • 2. prayerdance  |  September 15, 2009 at 7:23 pm

      Hi Jaqui,

      That’s an excellent question. Ordinary critical thought often takes data and works them through the power of inference, logic, and/or dialectics governed by learned word definitions as well as the bias that most languages impart. Then there is often the process of confirming the thoughts as being valid or not. Using that formula of “independent” thought, the results are limited and many logical possibilities can be rationalized. Although this may be called rational, analytical, objective, or critical thought it is rarely truly objective and unbiased.

      I do think that this ability of critical (as independent) thought should be learned, if only for refutation and analysis, but it falls far short in generating real answers or solutions.

      Interdependent thought is a home computer that is connected to the web, a search engine, and some excellent main frames (pardon the mechanical analogy). Using this analogy we are able top coordinate with many and vast sources of facts and process them. Since the analogy is limited, what is proposed that there are allies, collective group minds, trees and forests, star systems, other animals and beings who are able and willing to collaborate jointly. It is like a council of all beings where everybody and all things are consulted, where every one and thing part of a great interconnected symphony working together rather than apart from. It is like what the American native First People called the reality of All Our Relations or what the Asian Indians call the living book where all are relatives and kin. Vasudev Kutumbhkam –the Universe is One Family.

      The interdependent awareness is one of clarity or realization of who we are in relationship to everything else, how we got here, how the world got here, and where we may be going. This opening of the HeartMind provides us with meaning, purpose, vision, inspiration, security, happiness, and nurture as well as the ability to see through facades, deceit, delusion, and deception. Only by consulting with the universal power which is all inclusive and lacking in nothing, will all bias be dissolved.

      This clarity of mind can happens in stages (usually) as we question unexamined assumptions and drop the beliefs around them, or it can happen suddenly, all at once (rare).

      When we are totally open, our sensitivity to the evolutionary force increases dramatically. There is little room for angst… love being wisdom – wisdom being love (prajna and karuna married as primordial wisdom and evolutionary energy). The reason that it’s all good when we are in line with satya and asteya (truth and integrity) is that we are in synch with the evolutionary force and that gives us all the added push that we need, the motive force, momentum, purpose, and no resistance. Gandhi called this Satyagraha. We are fulfilled (santosh) in this expression of love and can not but otherwise act with compassion as wisdom and wisdom as compassion inseparable and interdependent as they truly are, without losing that integral connection (the so called falling from grace).

      May the evolutionary life force be with you, or rather may you and it be united as one!

      Jai MA!

  • 3. Jaqui  |  September 16, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    Little sister, I agree that it is a spiritual problem, where social injustice and habitat destruction are symptoms of that larger disconnect and denial. We as human beings have to wake up and learn to live in the heart of nature in order to implement a healthier vision. That vision includes becoming free of the greed machine’s mass media, negative programming, and attempts to hypnotize us. That is a result of waking up.

    Human rights violations and environmental justice issues are not limited to the Amazon or Oakland, rather if one is sincere about the principles espoused by the Pachamama Alliance or the Bioneers, we must look at the rights for the Native peoples in North America as well. We must look at the broken treaties and honor them. We must look at the long history of kidnapping, torture, and murder of African slaves and reverse these causal tendencies. We must honor the rights of the Afghan, Iraqi, Iranian, Vietnamese, Venezuelan, and Palestinian people to chose their own way of life without interference\, economic or military threat, or terror. American have to surrender their arrogant divine right to do as they please with all other living beings and things, unless worse things happen.

    Green jobs and independence from our addiction to foreign oil are not the only social justice issues. Sustainability is a spiritual problem because without a healthy habitat that supports life, we all suffer and die. Such is pathological, clearly.

    Without health care we die as well. We all need air, water, healthy food, energy, and free time to create and love. So why do your people put up with all that? Since when are the environmental justice movements, social justice movements, human rights movements, clean water movements, economic reform movements, universal healthcare movements, peace movement, campaign/electoral reform movements, sustainable agriculture, and organic foods movements separate from a spiritual movement? No one told me.

    Despite window dressing, there is a lack of integrity in much of the environmental movement. For example, I attended the Bioneers Conference one year in San Rafael. Despite Kenny and Nina’s excellent intents, the percentage of people of color were running around 1%. Not that Nina or Kenny are racists, rather it reflects a failure to reach out to more than the environmental feel good movement.

    Political power is a means to an end – not an end for sane people, Rather it is a means for expressing our love (nicely said). Political power in this sense does not necessarily come out of the barrel of a shotgun, nor from the television set, or by those who control the wampum. Positive social and environmental change comes from people who are awake. Those people have a duty to awake others, rather than distract them or confuse them. Such spreads across all boundaries, communities, races, and nations.

    A great battle is coming and no one will be spared. I smell it. There is no escape (never has been one)!

    Mitakuye Oyasin


  • 4. prayerdance  |  September 16, 2009 at 6:08 pm

    Powerful medicine! Reminds me of this poem by John Trudell from “Stickman”.

    “We want to be free of a value system that is being imposed on us. We do not want to participate in that value system. We don’t want to change that value system. We want to remove it from our lives forever.

    “We must never underestimate our enemy. Our enemy is committed against us twenty-four hours a day. They use one hundred percent of their effort to maintain their materialistic status quo. One hundred percent of their effort goes into deceiving us and manipulating us against each other. We have to devote our lives, we have to make our commitment, we have to follow a way of life that says we are going to resist that forever … a resistance: something that we can pass on as strength to the coming generations.”

    “A resistance where organizational egos don’t get in the way. A resistance where individual egos do not get in the way. A resistance where the infiltrators and the provocateurs and the liars and the betrayers and the traitors, they do not get in the way … a resistance of consciousness. This is our obligation to the earth. And only by fulfilling our obligation to the earth can we fulfill our obligations to the people.

    “We must go beyond the arrogance of human rights. We must go beyond the ignorance of civil rights. We must step into the reality of natural rights because all of the natural world has a right to existence and we are only a small part of it. There can be no trade-off.”

    The above excerpted from: “STICKMAN” – John Trudell


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