Purveyors of Confusion and Slavery

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Confusion as the Cause of Human Suffering: Manufacturing Slavery

Human confusion is caused by harmful humans in order to manipulate them. If we consider human suffering to be undesirable, bad, negative, or evil, then the process of confusion has to be reversed. Those who purposely confuse people in order to manipulate them, thus could be called evil given the above definitions of good and bad, although it does little good to deplore anyone. Rather, what is helpful is to become free from the phantom world of confusion, while bringing in clarity and light.

Marketing, advertising, or using the art of “public relations” of a product, selling an idea, a personality, or belief is one thing, but trickery and deception is another. No one would disagree that propaganda, lies, programming, or deception are manipulative. It is most often used to exploit other people and thus mire more beings into a phantom world/reality.

Confusion not only causes apathy, complacency, passivity, and docility, but also servility, subservience, helplessness,  and slave mentality.  A human being once stripped of knowledge and clarity, as well as confidence that they can figure things out by themselves through one’s innate abilities and powers of discernment (critical thought), then most often craves/seeks it in a reinforced authoritarianism and fundamentalism. IF however people realized that they were lied to, hoodwinked, deceived, and manipulated, then there is a chance that the slaves may rebel. Slave mentality (albeit manufactured) however,  can also be manipulated even further to convince people that they have no other alternative than to go along blindly with an authoritative  belief system be it establishment or revolutionary ideology as long as it replaces the confusion with a predictable plan or meaningful orderly framework. As propaganda methods have become more sophisticated, one particularly insidious methodology is for the propagandists to take advantage of the victim’s sense of being exploited, lied, and ripped off. The propagandist then pretends to take their victim’s side against an imaginary “oppressor”, in an attempt to gain the victims trust and confidence. Commonly, if the victim asks the “wrong” question, they are attacked and put on the defensive, utilizing the strategy that the best defense is an even  stronger offense. Hence, sincere inquiry is discouraged, and the question is never answered, while the inquirer feels punished, demeaned, and put on the defensive.

Tyrants desire to control information and/or access to it in order to maintain their position of authority. A biased self-interest group who is intent upon their own power and control, will desire to control the flow of information in terms of independent media, universities, schools, the arts, publishing, the internet, public gatherings, and other sources of information, while repressing dissent and free independent thought. This has been a long-term agenda for the power elite throughout written history, while such control tactics lay at the bottom of witch-hunts, destruction of libraries, ideological strife, and religious wars.

Slave mentality:

Why do people go along with their own oppression, manipulation, and abuse? Propaganda techniques have evolved far beyond “divide and conquer”, scapegoating techniques, and exploiting xenophobia (supporting racial, nationalistic, tribal, or religious pride and competition).

A Summary of Common Methods used today, generally:

1. Creating confusion/ignorance, fear, or hatred (keeping people dumbed down and feeling helpless). The manufacture of grand distractions, false issues, and scapegoat figures, which claim attention.

2. Feeding greed and/or desire for being rewarded with more porridge if they serve the tyrant and/or their desire to join the elite by playing the game or being valuable to the ruling class. Here also survival issues are played upon.

3. Fear, coercion, or punishment for not conforming; i.e., disobedience.

4. Promising elevated status, privilege, or class pride, which is lacking especially in confused and frightened people. Promising them fulfillment of an archetypal dream, but failing to deliver.

5. Convincing people of a lie through repeating the lie (in either words or symbols – either directly and/or indirectly) which convinces the slaves that they are slave masters, kings, or queens, rather than slaves.

6. Manipulating peer pressure as authority; i.e., through mass disinformation campaigns creating a mass illusion or deception that “everybody knows as true”. Hence if one does not “get it”, then they become labeled as being misinformed, stupid, or out of touch.

7. The least costly method is to trick the slave/victim that their current status as victim is to their own benefit; i.e., to glorify servility, conformity, passivity, submissiveness, and victimhood as cooperation and “teamwork”, while demonizing or marginalizing the rebel, the whiner, insurgent, the non-conformist, or free thinker, as malcontents, rabble, trouble makers, enemies, threats, or dangerous lunatics. In short, have victims actively propagate the lie/deception without having to buy them off, cajole them, reward, or feed them. This works excellently in conjunction with #1 and #3 above.

Each one of these subterfuges have subtle corollaries. They can be reduced to a science as well as an art, but the underlying factor is planned confusion; i.e., confused people are easily manipulated, while those people who know themselves, their own minds, and what they want are far more difficult to dissuade, distract, divert, or manipulate. Such are not facts lost on the new political propagandists, marketing experts, PR firms, military psych-ops, and government black-ops in both the public and private sector. Shows of moral outrage and indignation, condemnation, diversion tactics (such as red herrings), the manufacture of false controversies, manipulating peer pressure (conventional reality), mischaracterization, straw man arguments, slander as well as the entire host of logical fallacies become disguised strategies for the deceiver. All children should be trained in critical thought, while learning how to recognize such tactics and not be distracted.

Transference in the quest for meaning, order,  predictability, and safety

We can recognize a basic curiosity trait that all human beings are born with. This often is stepped on at an early age in an attempt by parents, priests, peers, teachers, religions, or society to coerce conformance to external standards. Secondly weak father figures, abuse, or early childhood chaotic or traumatic experiences may contribute to a desire for external order and a world of predictability. Father figures or fundamentalist authoritative structures may thus appear to be attractive. Such structures and transference figures can thus command obedience and loyalty to such people, who might tend to tenaciously conform, obey, and adhere to these structures. What makes this milieu worse is that the slave will often look to his boss as a protector (as long as he is a valued slave). Obedience to the bidding of the puppetmaster, being servile, loyal, patriotic (patronizing to the patron), pleasuring, and/or winning favor in the boss’s eyes becomes associated with protection, survival, and security, but also a sense of shame as if the slave owes the boss his life, loyalty, or is indebted to him. In actuality, the sense of shame and lack of dignity is accompanied with an even greater sense of helplessness and lack of self worth, so the shame actually grows as the slave identifies with a constant sense of shame and self-hatred. A vicious cycle is thus reinforced. The lack of self worth becomes a stimulus to pursue self worth and meaning outside oneself in an act of transference to an external authority (status, privilege, authority), who grants it through one’s loyal obedience, yet at the same time that servility increases one’s lack of self worth,  self hatred, is demeaning, and so on. An addictive relationship is formed where the slave craves/needs the slave master to tell the slave what to do.

Peers who might remind a slave of their shameful or degraded situation are attacked or demeaned as acting in a demeaning manner; hence, the truth of one’s true decadent situation continues to become covered over, hidden, or masqueraded. The institutionalization of docility and servility is thus a hidden factor in modern society. It is partially covered up by “style”, consumerism, fads, fetish, normality, and conformity… “everyone else is doing it, “I didn’t see that on the TV, that’s bizarre, crazy, out of control, etc.”

The Idealistic Slave master, Fuhrer, Authoritarian Father Figure, and Supremacist Patriotism

This servile, helpless, apathetic, and complacent/compliant state actually is fertile ground for totalitarian tyrants, dictators, demagogues, idealistic supremacism, and police states. One may ask how passivity and docility would turn into an aggressive patriotic movement. Nazism is one is one modern example. Although one could analyze post WWI Germany solely in economic terms, the psychological factors which gave birth to Nazism was a sense of helplessness and angst albeit partiality due to Germany’s defeat in WWI and its subsequent economic depression. Yet, the entire world was in an economic depression if we remember. Uniquely in Germany, the Nazis offered world supremacy as loyalty/patriotism to a racial and national model. Hitler assumed the role of grandfather figure/leader, and all that was required was blind obedience to his master plan. More dastardly, manmade mass catastrophes such as religious, nationalistic, tribal, and racial wars and genocides are fed by such mindsets; although underneath these mental ploys lay greed, power, and control by slave masters. One easy and quick fix for shame is supremacy, just as the easy fix for inferiority complexes are superiority complexes, both being two sides of the same coin. A healthy populace does not depend on these ploys. They are not capable of being manipulated by demagogues, bigots, condemnation of others, xenophobia, hatred of others, blame, or connivances of patriotic loyalty, obedience, or conformity where one’s self worth is dependent upon doing one’s duty – what is expected of one by one’s peers, leader, or external authority figure. At every juncture, we see that such totalitarian and often fundamentalist traps are dependent upon human beings who are confused and have been stripped of their ability to think for themselves.

What to Look For

The latest tactics are from fear-mongers who claim to be liberating victims from fear. They say, “Don’t panic” while they are creating more panic. Similarly, those who claim to expose conspiracies are often part of another conspiracy. OK just call it collaborators with special-interest businesses, ha ha!

Be on the lookout for those who wind up saying, “I am confused, this is confusing, things appear to be contradictory, this is a very complex situation, the experts must know what they are doing, the ordinary person is not capable of understanding the truth, you couldn’t handle the truth”, and so forth in this vein of fatalistic ignorance and confusion. These people may be agents of disinformation.

The Use of Drugs for Passivity, Submissiveness, and Complacency

Everyone knows that tranquilizers are designed to create tranquility and passivity. The newer drugs also make life more tolerable. A high percentage of our children are currently diagnosed with mood or cognitive disorders and have become dependent (as have a good percentage of adults). In addition, there exist many mental side effects of medical drugs and vaccines, which are designed to treat physical disorders. Few long-term studies have been made regarding long-term usage, especially in terms of becoming apathetic and complacent as well as passive and obedient conformists.

In short, food, drugs, media propaganda, sedentary life styles, fear, and insecurity all may play factors in creating the servile mood of blasé apathy in the indifference shown by Americans as to their own long-term welfare and future, let alone that of their children. I agree that this investigation remains superficial, while calling for a greater investigation regarding masks of obedience, submissiveness, shame, pride, duty, authoritarianism, responsibility, and the individual’s capability for freedom.

The entire field of slave psychology is worth looking at today. This is said because of the general lack of responsiveness by Americans, demand such a conclusion. The tragic history of human submissiveness to external authority and control is of course not new. The psychological coping mechanisms by slaves to deceive themselves in a futile attempt to live with their pain and degradation often are hidden and denied, because acknowledgment not only may be painful, but also may put one in danger of violating a social taboo and custom. Cultural, social, and religious customs, values, manners, and protocols are also involved while mechanisms of social ostracism, coercion, banishment, and exorcism also are factors to consider. Self-hatred, self-deprecation, self-punishment, depression, shame, and lack of self-esteem issues are also common factors, hence there is a desire to hide or shy away from self-admission of one’s true or deepest feelings. This is not to say that the process is complex, but it is often hidden and made out to be superficial, internalized, or nonexistent because of outside pressures.

Former slaves make “good” and willing middle management slave bosses, because they know how to manipulate the psychology of their subordinates. These bosses serve their puppetmasters as avid puppets, not only because of a need to be rewarded, because of  issues of self worth, privilege, power, security, or greed, but also to vent/discharge their self hatred and anger upon their inferiors, the victims. They have a need to cower others, because of their own pre-existing sense of shame and lack of self worth, thus proving their sense of superiority to themselves at the expense of the other slaves.

The Way out of slavery is to come into one’s own authority/self knowledge

Among the major obstacles are our own sacred cows, our reluctance to question authority, and especially those beliefs, which we hold most sacred and dear. This may seem ironic, that trust and self-confidence will come after we question our core beliefs, but that is how it works. Only then will we be certain. Only then will have developed critical thought and the ability to do our own thinking, form our own opinions, and live in a free society, which promotes freedom for all. The creative thinking will naturally come.

In short, confusion caused by the dumbing down a slave population through institutionalized programming is the number one cause for the slave mentality syndrome. People must reclaim their hereditary right and basic instinct to discern truth from falsehood, deceit, lies, and deception from the real thing.

This is not a call for democracy, but rather a call to throw off slave mentality. Only after slave-mentality is not the majority, will a free society be empowered to flourish. Democracy, itself could become manipulated as a supremacist ideal and thus capable of committing crimes and catastrophes just as oppressive as Nazism. A healthy society must first defeat slave mentality and its many subtle and crafty servants, such as human confusion, fear, and forces of self-hatred and self-destruction.

Human beings need to take responsibility for their own thoughts, words, and actions. Without such a self-responsibility, there can be no democracy or free society. How so? Because has been said above, if human beings do not take responsibility, then some one else will do so for them. If people do not think for themselves then the media manipulators, political and religious “leaders” or other elites will think and speak for them in their stead. When a majority of human beings in a society will not allow anyone else to think, speak, or act in their stead, then those people alone are capable of participating in a democracy. Otherwise, it is a democracy only in name, a manufactured delusion, deception, and lie, which is told as a bedtime story by a deceptive media to fools and children.

Thus, the first step in waking up is critical thinking, which is the ability to ask questions, question authority, and conventional beliefs. It takes strength and courage, and some inspiration, but this is found nowhere else, but deep inside us. Knowing how our own mind works (the instrument of knowing) is a necessary tool in finding out who we are, how did we get here, and then deciding in what direction should one go as a member of a greater community and society. Then we can start expressing and manifesting our common vision, starting out from our roots, self-knowledge, habitat, community, nation, and moving in harmony to create a functional mutually beneficial world system, which is deeply meaningful and worthwhile.

Life/Evolution is our Mother

Who is in control and why is there a need to control and own things? Things own us as much as we own them. On a fundamental level the grass, waterways, planet, habitat, sun, stars, and universe owns us. Human beings would not otherwise be in the evolutionary cycle,  without this relationship in the web of all life. In a larger sense, this ownership involves acknowledging a process. We, as human beings, are part of an intelligent evolutionary process that goes all the way back to the beginningless unborn. It is the primordial process. Denying our humanness is not only unnecessary in realizing the beauteous profound grandeur of life and evolution, rather it is necessary to acknowledge, respect, and embrace life and being in order to embody and express that wisdom. Where this love wisdom is recognized as ever present, there is no suffering experienced. That this message has to be repeated at all, is a sign of a pre-existing great estrangement/ignorance – a forgetfulness of our true ancestry and evolutionary state of being. When we experience that we are connected, then all around us are family members. There is no loneliness possible. This brings everyone in and leaves nobody out. It is a complete feeling – all encompassing. Kanyini is the aboriginal name for an unconditional connection (connectedness) to the land as mother. It involves one’s true inherent primordial lineage –one’s identity and meaning in life — the open truth. We have all that we need all what is. Where that lineage/connection is ignored, stripped away, rended, torn, or split, then we have ignorance, substitute lineages, and false identifications. Then we have slavery. Beware of well-orchestrated deceptions, which serve as grave distractions. Beware if attempts to demoralize and depreciate this scared opportunity to live in harmony with all that is. See this simple but profound video on the indigenous Kanyini.


Freedom is not autonomy

Freedom of thought is not as superficial as pretension (the freedom to pretend to and deceive others or ourselves). Such is just another form of self-deceit. Free thought is the opposite. It is the ability to think outside of being told what to think, outside of the box, free from dogma, ideology, or artificial programming.

Freedom to think anything you want, regardless if it is true or false, supports confusion. In that nihilistic statement, the victims deprive themselves of real meaning, while creating a hoax upon themselves. Statements like there is no truth, my truth is my own, keep your truth to yourself, there is nothing real, etc., are cynical statements of self deceit/delusion. Granted such a reaction often is provoked by someone else attempting to impose their authority, their conclusion, or belief upon a victim, but it falls short of critical and creative thought, throwing the baby out with the bathwater. At best, such nihilistic statements are desperate attempts to state, that we have the right to think anything we please. If left unqualified, that so-called freedom is another form of delusion (I will just think that I am the Pope, etc). Delusion is an aspect of confusion and it leads to unhappiness, not happiness. Even the thought that happiness is all in the mind, might be delusional without accompanied by truth or true wisdom – without ridding oneself of confusion first. Human freedom is due to waking up from confusion. Reality is not based on a lie that we tell ourselves, a negation, and it is not a pretention. We cannot “get real” via make believe.


Disinformation, confusion, fear mongering, demoralizing, and dumbing down the masses to serve  greed, control, and power mongers is an old story. The intelligent response is to not allow these promulgators of disinformation to be successful in their brainwashing attempts. If as a nation, its people become widely deceived, then they will make errors. If we do not see the humps in the road, we may very well receive a bumpy ride.

The responsibility (in a democracy) rests in the ability of the populace to discern (truth from falsehood). When that innate ability is inhibited, perverted, suppressed, or surrendered, then the parasitical, rapacious, exploitive control freaks will greedily vie to think for them. “Do not question, do not fall into temptation, be loyal and patriotic, follow orders and directions, and do not fall into doubt”. History has recorded a long series of deceptive hoaxes perpetuated upon the masses. For example, the recent h1n1 vaccine “International Pandemic Emergency” is not a first time anomaly, but rather, one in a long series of hoaxes to create fear, panic, hysteria, fervor, confusion, and hence dependence upon totalitarian and hegemonic oligarchy.

There are many examples, but in general, the “official national h1n1 emergency” as just another example of how uncritical, complacent, and apathetic most people have become. They seem to trust “authoritative experts despite stunning recent, very costly, and record rip-offs and mounting taxpayer debt. This debt “appears” on the surface to be harmless, since taxes do not rise accordingly, but borrowing on the debt just delays the inevitable payment. One must ask also who owns the Federal $11 trillion debt and the staggering city, county, state, and personal debts? If one is in debt, then the slave pays the debt holder, obviously.

This is debt slavery, another form of slavery where, people ransom their future or children’s future. This is not a solution, nor are the other naive solutions that say; “tell me what to do, and I will do it”. Such hypnotic blind obedience will create grounds for future exploitation. On the other hand, confused people may take a simplistic solution like BLAME someone else, some foreign looking person, another religion, another nation, invade a foreign country, the other political party, buy more fancy guns, or other similar reactions that vent the many frustrations that come from pride, fear, anger, and ignorance that confused people invoke in order to protect their preexisting beliefs about themselves, which appear to be under attack. In short, the psychology of organized confusion has to be considered as a large factor in these events. Being a causal factor in institutionalized mass confusion, that is why elections are for sale to the highest bidder, because it costs much money to develop strategies, buy the media, and promote empty images, deception, and appearances.

Waking up is in the opposite direction of the puppetmaster game that dumbs people down, of course. Contradiction, hypocrisy, and professed naïveté’ may be the results of an honest internal confusion, but it is more useful to distinguish between mere irony from lies and dis-information. One might conclude that high paid spokespersons, mid-level managers, and revolving door chiefs are honestly confused and hence merely hypocritical, or one may conclude that they are confusing people on purpose.

Therefore, a question must be asked; who benefits? Is H1N1 “National Emergency”, the Patriot Act, the Energy Crisis, the constant War on the American People, just the corrupt influence of Big Pharma, the Oil Companies, the Insurance and financial sector swindlers only the result of incestuous business relationships? Can we blame such on the Afghani people, the Iraqi people, alien immigrants, abortion activists, or the other party? Who really is behind/invested in Big Pharma, the oil companies, the financial sector, the media industrial military prison system and what revolving door bureaucracies do they invest in? Most people do not care to think about any of this, so they have abdicated. Democracy might be too demanding for modern couch potatoes who are daily dosed by the corporate media propaganda. However, I will let the elephant out of the bag on the dining room table. I will tell you who is responsible. It’s YOU.

Confusion feeds helplessness, while that slave consciousness is the more causal problem. “Follow the leader and pay your parking meters” only works to a limited extent (thanks to Bob Dylan). “We are younger than that now”. In order to confuse people more and make them feel helpless, apathetic, and complacent, the slave-masters attempt to totally demoralize and shame them. For their agenda to take hold in the minds and hearts of the masses, the masses must be made to feel that there is no alternative other than obedience and loyalty. They have to convince the slaves that they cannot know anything for themselves; i.e., that all authority issues forth from the puppetmaster. Questions, which appear threatening, are met aggressively, attempting to keep the slaves constantly on the defensive. When that fails, then many variants of ad hominem attacks are exercised which are aimed at dismissing, demeaning, or ridiculing the inquirer, as if they were either stupid, the enemy, or evil, or all three. Another similar tactic is the use of of a straw man argument, mischaracterizing the opposition by misrepresenting their position as stupid or absurd. Another dishonest tactic designed to confuse legitimate debate is the use of the red herring gimmick, where the deceiver changes the topic/subject suddenly leading it on to an altogether separate subject in the deliberate attempt to divert a legitimate process of enquiry into the truth, while avoiding a direct response by changing the subject.

Authentic freedom is dependent upon its people not only being informed, but rather not being deliberately misinformed, the latter being more common. Free and honest enquiry is seen as a threat, and is limited as to the qualms of the master-class. This fear does not go unheeded by the slave-masters. Democracy not only is dependent upon access to unbiased data, but also limited to our ability to process the data in an intelligent way. Therefore, organized confusion provides a double disability (both inner/psychological disabilities and external disabilities in regard to negative programming via educational institutions, the media, and similar indoctrination methods). Major tools that the slave-masters utilize have been described, but it is the slave master’s ability to create weapons of mass distraction and demoralization, that most often remain unnoticed or ignored (on purpose). Selected facts are filtered, while politically correct, right, and authoritative opinions are repeated so that even one’s peers repeat the same misinformation.

Regardless, an irrepressible inherent beauty constantly prompts us (in those who are alive to acknowledge and respect it) and then express it. If we do not know that we are part of the web of all life, then we should study ourselves more deeply – know thyself and know life fully and completely. Then we can act intelligently and with supreme confidence, regardless as to what becomes banned or made taboo.

The psychic war is nothing other than anti-life forces who are purveyors of confusion, lies, exploitation, slavery, and death as distinct from those who are awake and awakening. Then we can celebrate life, honor life, have fun, love more, and be naturally open, honest, truthful, and passionate, exactly because you have not closed down your beautiful heart – because you are part of the weave of all life, acknowledge, respect and honor it as our collective and common universal great potential. This example in our own lives will not be lost upon the children. They can see and feel it!

Again, the opposite of confusion is awareness, wisdom, clarity, and truth. This is expressed freely and effectively in loving relationships, in healing, and in celebration. There is a war going on.

“Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it”

George Santayana

Obama the Puppet:: The World’s Least Powerful Man  http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_19772.cfm

No One Is Going to Save You Fools

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