American Media Ignores H1N1 Big Pharma/WHO Deception

June 8, 2010 at 5:16 pm 1 comment

American Media Ignores H1N1 Big Pharma/WHO Deception and Corruption

Although many people will claim that they are not surprised, I’m surprised that some of these articles that expose the Swine Flu hoax came out at all. Although the Europeans are far ahead of the US in this regard, even after the European reports were published, ABC News and the Washington Post articles remain “unconvinced”, while ending up defending the WHO and placing any accountability to the wind. In fact, it seems to me that the two links that ere given were justifications of WHO. How convenient for corporate owned propaganda outlets. Shit happens!

The ABC link said:

<i>Addressing concerns that the pandemic was declared to profit pharmaceutical companies, Barry said that “if anything WHO was slow to make that call. And if you know anything about the history of the influenza virus, again it had no option. 1918 saw a very mild spring wave, quite comparable to what we experienced in 2009. It turned virulent months later.”

“This is a classic case of 20-20 hindsight, with some witch hunting thrown in,” Barry said.

Dr. John Treanor, a vaccine expert at the University of Rochester Medical Center, in Rochester, N.Y., agreed that WHO’s preparations were justified.

“I think even the authors [of the BMJ report] would have to agree that there really was no choice here but to prepare for a pandemic,” he said. “If there had been a severe pandemic and there had been no preparations, the outcome (and the outcry) would have been far worse.”

World Health Organization and H1N1 Flu Although some of the WHO’s advisors received compensation from manufacturers of the same antivirals and vaccines recommended for use during the H1N1 pandemic, Treanor noted that there are few options available for combating influenza.

“You can tweak the plans  how much antivirals, what kinds, where is the vaccine coming from, who should be vaccinated first, should you close schools, etc.  but the basic elements are going to be the same,” he said. “So I don’t see the argument here as whether WHO made the right recommendation at the time, regardless of who was advising them  they clearly did.”

~ ABC news—June 5, 2010

What trash!

The same goes for the Washington Post’s whitewash assuring the public that committees will be established to bury xxxx errr to investigate the allegations.

By Rob Stein Washington Post Staff Writer Friday, June 4, 2010; 3:52 PM

From the Wash Post link:

“WHO would say categorically that it believes that it has not been subject to undue conflict-of-interest. We know that some experts that come to our committees have contact with industry. It would be surprising if they didn’t because the best experts are sought by all organizations,” Hartl said. “We feel that the guidelines produced were certainly not subject to undue influence.”

Several other experts also defended the agency.

“Twenty-twenty hindsight can always second guess the decisions of public health officials,” said Jeffrey Levi, executive director of the Trust for America’s Health, a private nonprofit group. “But this kind of condemnation of public health officials who made the most prudent decisions based on available knowledge could well backfire in future emergencies: I fear that public health officials will draw the lesson that they should wait for greater scientific certainty before responding in the future — and we could pay for that overcaution with many lives lost.”

Plain and simple, the European media who have universal single payer non-profit medicine informs, while the US media which has a for profit disease care system supplies dumb me down, disinformation. Further, I think that blaming WHO is rather self-serving, counter-productive, and palliative/symptomatic. It is self-serving, in the way that a guilty person will point to blame another. In a democracy, there is no one else to hold accountable except the people. If the people are misled, then its up to them to become informed. less they continue their own exploitation. Worse, if people know better, but remain passive, silent, and inactive, they simply cooperate as co-conspirators with the abomination, the deception, fraud, and exploitation. like all the other scammers and spammers.

Yes, we could sure blame others, the FDA, the government (us), the sold out media, the sold out two party system, TV, air pollution, or UFOs, but again in a “free” country it is regulation by and of the people, not a free lunch for the criminals.

A case in point is that a close relative works as a therapist in two hospitals. Both hospitals required the H1N1 swine flu vaccinations for all employees. Fortunately they allowed (this time) for an opt-out (otherwise my relative would have quit). The opt-out was that she had to wear a n95 surgical mask during her work day. Except for one other employee in her department, everyone else opted for the h1n1 flu shot. Ultimately who pays? The taxpayer and the patients pay, as costs are always passed on to the consumer. My relative has received notice this week that the H1N1 flu season is not officially over and that she still has to wear the mask. I take that as punitive, but then I don’t own the medical colleges, the certifying agencies, the FDA, the AMA/CMA, or mask agencies, rather Big Pharma does.

So “WHO” wins this round? Big Pharma wins, police state agencies who now have numerous wide ranging laws on the books win, where they can now implement police state preventative detention in case of self declared medical emergencies, self serving power hungry bureaucrats win, the FDA, Homeland Security, Big Pharma, and the n95 maskers to name a few.

In short, blaming WHO, does not displace taking responsibility in a democracy. You can’t blame the fox (WHO, AMA, Big Pharma, FDA, etc) for entering the chicken coop; rather you have to get brand new incorruptible chicken coop guards or you will be outta business. I’ll agree that the United Nations is a sham, but those who have been shafted have to come up with some real solutions, rather than continue to blame and whine. We no longer can afford whipping boys and scapegoats.

If the US corporate media is not going to inform the populace, Americans have to kick the habit, while supporting or in sometimes creating viable, honest, and  incorruptible alternatives.

Follow the money!

The report, The handling of the H1N1 pandemic: more transparency needed, is at:

Also see related article:


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  • 1. prayerdance  |  June 18, 2011 at 5:41 pm

    The flu season of 2010/2011 is over. The emergency pandemic proved to be unfounded, yet the sham continues. Relatively speaking it was one of the lightest in history, yet mandatory flu vaccinations are now routine in most hospitals and institutions. More money for Big Pharma, while the taxpayers and consumer continue to pay for it.


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