The Union of Consciousness and Social Activism

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The Union of Consciousness and Social Activism

Without an Awakened Populace, Democracy Becomes a Farce: the union of consciousness and effective political action unopposed

Modern American education, in general,  is a mis-education, which corrupts the innate innocence of future adults, not only because of the lack of social science and the humanities (especially the biased/tilted historical mythology, lack of economic theory, analysis of analysis processing (critical thinking and inquiry), political science, sociology, anthropology, ecology, horticulture, herbology, but moreso, the lack of true physical/health education in terms of learning about our own bodies, health, and procreative function). Modern education substitutes and displaces folk from groundedness in their innate natural curiosity, through conformance mechanisms of mechanical memorization accompanied by lack of questioning ersatz external knowledge systems. After at least sixteen years of this daily compulsory programming, it should not be a wonder that folk have become made incapable of making correct choices in electoral politics. It is no wonder that they have become estranged from their own innate power and sensitivity/feeling to the life-force implicate in all. When the overall context is partial and fragmented, then the data becomes distorted, filtered, and new data becomes blocked/ignored.


Divide and conquer tactics have been used by demagogues and dictators to manipulate, control, and distract people for millennia. In the sixties the establishment became frightened that their rule was being threatened by a movement consisting of radical political militants and advocates of consciousness expansion, both heralding a new cultural and political shift. Their coming together was signaled in many ways (for example, the Human Be-in in Golden Gate Park in early 1967). It was a new union of consciousness and effective political action that was attacked through the establishment’s propaganda machine, cointelpro, counterinsurgency, provocateurs, and shills. Nothing would serve the dictators of the world, the Shah of Iran, the Ferdie Marcosians, the Banana Republic dictators, and other international corporate and finance puppets more in reinforcing their own dominance than by having their perceived enemies destroy each other.

Hence, the movement of the sixties had to be divided and conquered by these outside forces who rightly perceived the threat of these two movements (consciousness expansion and radical militant political activism) coming together to create a new world order of abundance, peace, and freedom. That was a decision of status-quo forces who opposed authentic change.

One tactic still used today is to demonize “New Agers”, the New Age Movement (NAM), or what is now called the New World Order as an evil plot by the devil and his cognizanti. Prolific propaganda is rampant decrying Muslim evils, alien invasions, immigrant attacks, demonization of the poor, and all things that question conservative xenophobic Christian ideology. An essential and successful part of this strategy has been to infiltrate and take over both political parties by these same moneyed-self-interest groups in order to further divide and conquer by demonizing both groups (consciousness expansion and radical activists). It is both a culture war created by the anti-democratic established power structure and an attempt to paint needed change to appear radical or bizarre. The following is an attempt to deconstruct this propaganda and to heal the rift fabricated by the power elite to divide and conquer this natural alliance between consciousness and effective social/political and economic activity.

Ancient History: A history of consciousness in action

In the Greek Golden Age, inquiry into the nature of “reality” and “self” was taught as the critical question. In the literature that documented the forums and dialogues pertaining to the Greek ideal of the Whole Man fundamental questions were raised, and authentic dialogue, especially on controversial subjects, was encouraged and debated. The debate was not at all about winning or selling one’s POV,  ideology, or ego; but about mutual edification with the dedicated intent to push the envelope toward Knowledge. This is because the Greeks valued knowledge and truth above hubris. “Know thyself” being a central proverbial aphorism from the Greek Golden Age.

Later, in Europe“knowledge” deteriorated into an egoic adornment, something bought and owned by the ego in the forms of tutors, books, memorization of what others said, and the regurgitation of memorized ideology. Thus the decline of Western “civilization” occurred where self-knowledge and truth was corrupted and subjugated by belief systems, rote memorization of acts, and the accumulation of external knowledge/data systems of categorization/order.

Similarly, Buddha also taught self-knowledge, inner inquiry, the knowledge of the instrument of knowing (the mind); while the  ancient yogis taught the integration of body, nature, breath, and mind as a living wholistic integrative system. The Western philosophical systems soon became fascinated with the outer/external, while negating or ignoring the instrument of knowing (the mind). At the same time, the Eastern systems did both inner and outer. After the Holy Roman Empire colonized all of Europe both spiritually and politically, self-inquiry had become entirely replaced by Church ideology requiring severe punishment for those who would rebel or question (but kept alive by small groups of mystics, alchemists, gnostics, magicians, illuminati, masons and others who operated secretly in order to avoid persecution). While god become exiled to a remote inaccessible heaven and Europe fell into the dark ages, the East prospered intellectually, artistically, philosophically, and was left in relative peace until the invasions from the Middle Eastern religious and ideological crusaders/colonists.

Therefore, it seems that critical thought or the ability to discern and analyze for ourselves, irrespective of an external authority, guidelines, peer pressure, or established paradigms/belief systems, is dependent upon knowing who is inquiring (the true nature of the mind) first, and then focusing on relevant objects of inquiry. Thus analysis of “the self” (self-analysis) is the first object of knowledge, or put in psychological terms knowledge of the mind. Since the nature of the human mind is embedded in the nature of the human body, and the nature of the human body is embedded in nature/evolution and procreation, and since evolution/creation/procreation is embedded in procreativity/creativity and co-creativity, and since all the former is embedded in beginningless boundless space a healthy wholistic inquiry should integrate all of the above in a practical manner.

Human beings left without direct knowledge of the life force, the natural world, their procreative powers, shamanism, horticulture, co-creation, where they came from, evolution, agricultural systems, life support systems (habitat), and sustainable economics remain insecure, fearful, intimidated, disempowered, and unable to make healthy political choices. They no longer know how to gather or grow food, build shelter, fix their plumbing, fix their automobiles, fix their system of politics, etc., so they become dependent on experts (external authority, ideology, political parties/ideology, or religion), while falling victim to demagoguery or being misled. War or peace thus become mere intellectual concepts, or subject to mere logical decisions. The same disconnected process is then applied to vital issues such as health care, ecological polices, education, crime, economics, agriculture, and all other socio-economic and political issues. In that alienated and fragmented manner, vital issues become decided from an overly objectified paradigm and non-vital cold and dead perspective without being grounded to their core innermost nature. Here, many variations of this degraded miasma my be diagnosed, but why bother. The prognosis is death, without radical surgery and the implantation of stem/core cells. In short, a sick society does not teach children to honor or respect life, life systems, health, peace, or other living beings. Rather they are taught competition, domination, control, war, conflict, and consumerism within a contrived atmosphere of want, scarcity, lust, acquisitiveness, greed, fear, hatred, jealousy, and anger. This programming is normal in our alienated society, but it is profoundly UNNATURAL.

Hence, in that psychic milieu, Democracy is mocked. It is made impossible. Given this manufactured modern human insecurity of not knowing one’s own mind and not knowing sustainable evolutionary economics and politics, then folk do not know how their bread is buttered, why the price of fuel and gasoline goes up and/or down, where their water supply comes from, the factors that affect their medical care, discontent, crime, war, peace, social unrest, etc. This contrived condition works to the advantage of external self-interest groups (would be manipulators/puppetmasters), who desire to make these decisions for them. The average folk, tends to get their information from biased self-interest sources such as the corporate owned media, corporate owned schools and colleges, and the corporate owned government, who are deceptive because of their corrupt agenda.


 The above describes the samsaric circle, where dumbed down people, listen to media that keep them dumbed down, so that they will support those who are dumbing them down, creating more dumb-me-down institutions and dumbed down folk, etc. Analyzing and breaking this vicious cycle, we either can break the institutions (for example by letting it collapse by not supporting it) or we can undumb the populace (by instilling criticality, creative thought processes, inspiration, and devising methods that will restore within them the ideals/ideas to which they no longer believe). The latter is done through appropriate creative artistic endeavors. Since people both make and break social institutions, we can work on both sides simultaneously. Hence political activism and the evolution of consciousness is intimately linked together, one affecting the other. Don’t let anyone tell you different.

No matter how good a basic or multicultural academic education that can be given to our children, it will come to naught, if they do not understand their intimate co-creative place in relationship to the trees, forests, oceans, whales, stars, the all-creative life force, and timeless beginningless source. Rather, in a fragmented world/paradigm such an education becomes reduced to gaining comparative comfort and material wealth (a temporary wellbeing) in a competitive and corrupt world system/paradigm or rather hell, where folk seek an ersatz happy truce, but will never they find true happiness in that way, guaranteed. For true happiness to come about, an integrative all encompassing context must be recognized and valued, leaving nothing excluded nor in need to be included; thus, it’s recognition by itself will serve as a teaching in itself, complete.


This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man.

Farewell, my blessing season this in thee!”

~ Hamlet


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