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Nuclear Mess from Nuclear Power Plants to Nuclear Weapons Disposal

Nuclear waste from weapons production is much more difficult to store, transport, and handle because it is viscous/liquid. The plan was to store these in metal containers 2000 feet deep in the ground near their massive nuclear facility in Hanford, Washington above the Columbia River gorge. Predictably, these steel containers began leaking, while stopping these leaks is a major concern today. Please click on title for the complete report.


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American Media Ignores H1N1 Big Pharma/WHO Deception

Although many people will claim that they are not surprised, I’m surprised that some of these articles that expose the Swine Flu hoax came out at all. Although the Europeans are far ahead of the US in this regard, even after the European reports were published, ABC News and the Washington Post articles remain “unconvinced”, while ending up defending the WHO and placing any accountability to the wind. In fact, it seems to me that the two links that ere given were justifications of WHO. How convenient for corporate owned propaganda outlets. Shit happens!

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Council of Europe condemns “unjustified scare” over swine flu

The Council of Europe has heavily criticised the World Health Organization, national governments, and EU agencies for their handling of the swine flu pandemic.

The parliamentary assembly of the council—the international organisation that protects human rights and the rule of law in Europe—published a draft of a report that reviewed how the H1N1 pandemic was handled.

National governments, WHO, and EU agencies had all been guilty of actions that led to a “waste of large sums of public money, and unjustified scares and fears about the health risks faced by the European public,” says the report.


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A New Direction for Health Care and the Economy

The idiocy of a profit motivated disease care system: The more disease, the greater the profits. Disease pays, hence the motivation is to keep Americans sick. That makes economic sense to some, but not to me. What about you?


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H1N1 Swine Flu Vaccine: Voluntary, Mandatory, or a Ruse?

Following are a few links, which reflect a sane and sober view of the H1N1 flu so called, “pandemic”. As can be seen, much disinformation has been created by the national disinformation network (the mass media). Disinformation is an organized attempt at propaganda and marketing to sell people a product or an idea. The goal is to amass more power, control, and money, while disempowering all others (as possible threats). It is based on fear, hatred, greed, insecurity. and insatiable craving. Such people are sociopaths and need to be outlawed, monitored, regualted, if not locked up.

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